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Whether you’re new to Fauna or an experienced Fauna developer, this documentation gives you the how-to guidance and reference information needed for building applications with Fauna. Here you’ll find example applications with varying levels of complexity to help you on-board and accelerate your mastery of Fauna.

Demo applications

Build a to-do app with Fauna

Learn Fauna basics with this simple and straightforward project that creates, reads, updates, and deletes to-do items, demonstrating basic database functionality.

FaunaMarket e-commerce app

A multivendor marketplace application that's a simplified clone of Etsy or Shopify. You'll find a plethora of well-commented example queries for Fauna FQL.

A to-do app with Retool

One of the best things about Retool is it allows you to connect to any REST API and make it available as a resource. This allows you to easily develop applications using Retool and Fauna with the Fauna HTTP API.

Examples on GitHub

Inventory Management REST API with Cloudflare Workers and Fauna

A RESTful API built using Cloudflare Workers and Fauna. It manages a simple inventory with basic CRUD operations.

Node Express with Typescript Fly.io starter

If you're looking to run an express server on Fly, here is a helpful starter kit that combines Typescript and Express with the files needed to deploy on Fly.

Python Fly.io starter with Flask

This starter kit provides Fauna integration with Python and Flask, configured to run on Fly.io. If you plan to deploy on Fly, this example provides a great Fauna example for Python/Flask.

Fauna integration with Go/Gin framework packaged to run on Fly.io

This starter kit provides an example Fauna integration with the Go/Gin framework, running on Fly.io. If you plan to deploy on Fly, this is a great Go/Gin + Fauna example.


Discover the Fauna Database in Five Minutes

Learn how to get started with Fauna's powerful distributed database-as-a-service. This tutorial explores core concepts, introducing the Fauna Query Language (FQL) and its flexible query benefits.

Connecting to Fauna with Node.js

Learn how to connect Node.js to Fauna's distributed database with just a few lines of code! This video walks through initializing a Node project, configuring the Fauna client, and writing your first FQL queries.

Build a Globally Distributed REST API with Fauna and Cloudflare

Learn how to deploy a fast, distributed REST API by connecting Cloudflare Workers to Fauna. Create Workers that expose REST endpoints, integrating with Fauna for data storage.

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